5 Security Tips for Schools and College Campuses

Schools are places of education and learning and so the last thing anyone should be worried about is their safety. However, we seem to be seeing schools in the news more and more lately. As targets of brutal and heartless attacks. There are many things that should be done to address these occurrences and something to be considered is updating security measures in and around schools.


Here are five security tips for schools and college campuses:


Install a state-of-the-art CCTV system


Fully functioning cameras should be liberally distributed throughout campus, particularly in areas such as stairwells, courtyards, and parking lots with a team of highly trained security personnel monitoring the footage.


Limit access to the campus


Limit or restrict access to school campuses or even just certain areas on campus such as lecture halls, buildings, etc. This ensures that only authorized individuals, faculty, and administration have access. ID badges with key fobs or other security measures are advised.


Regularly patrol high-risk areas


If you know the frat quad is frequently causing trouble on campus, make it a point to send security or campus police to check on these high-risk areas more frequently. Increasing available personnel during evening hours is also a good consideration.


Install silent alarms and/or panic buttons


These should be placed throughout the campus with their locations communicated to all staff and students. This can help alert the proper authorities when an incident arises and/or provide an opportunity to request help without having to rely on cell phones which may or may not be charged, have service, or be accessible in a moment of emergency.


Start an anonymous tip line


This allows individuals who may be concerned about someone’s actions or may have come to learn some security-related information to relay that info to the proper authorities without fear of reprisal or reprimand.


We should all work hard to protect our institutions of learning and the children, faculty, and staff they serve. For a free security assessment of your college or school, call Millennium Fire & Security.