7 Ways to Keep Security Systems Safe from Hackers

It seems like every other week there’s another story in the news about a company’s data falling prey to hackers and cyberattacks. Leading one to wonder whether a security system can be hacked? The short answer is yes, but there are many safeguards you can (and should!) put in place to make your system less vulnerable. You don’t want to spend the money on a security system if the kid up the street can hack into it, right?


Here are a few ways to keep your security system locked down:


Change passwords frequently


Easily one of the most neglected safeguards among security system owners. The set-it and leave-it mentality is what many cyber-attacks are counting on. Change passwords quarterly to be safe and never use easy to guess passwords such as birthdays or sequential numbers.


Never purchase a used system


We get it. Security can be expensive and a discounted system that’s lightly used may seem attractive. Especially if it’s “still-in-the-box”. However, there is always the risk that the system has been tampered with, which could lead to some serious headaches for you and your business.


Limit access to your system


Your personal laptop, smart phone, and desktop PC should be the only access routes. Never EVER use a public system to access your security system. Consider purchasing an anti-jammer for detecting when the signal to your system has been tampered with. This will give you an immediate response option to stop a hacker quickly


Keep systems well-maintained and up-to-date


Upgrades may seem annoying, especially if they’re somewhat frequent and time-consuming. But they’re essential to keeping your system well-armed against cyber-attacks. Hard-wired systems are preferable as wireless systems can be more vulnerable to hackers. If you choose a wireless system, make sure to activate the WPA2 encryption, this is a higher standard of security protocol to protect your wireless system.


Monitor system logs


Do you recognize all the logins into your system or are some unauthorized? Stay on top of who’s accessing your system by frequently checking your system logs.


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