Is Your Alarm Company UL Listed?

“A large hotel in a popular resort area was experiencing problems with their fire alarm system. The system was malfunctioning frequently causing the hotel to be fined over and over again not to mention that guests were complaining about the noise. Many alarm companies take their time fixing the problems that cause false alarms. Some companies make appointments and don’t even show up. Is it time to re-evaluate your alarm company?”


Millennium Fire & Security installs alarms, cameras, access control, and *UL monitoring systems. We take our job seriously.


*A UL alarm monitoring center or central monitoring station (also known as “CMS”) is a company that provides services to monitor burglar and fire alarm systems.


A lot of people wonder what UL monitoring is? Simply put:  UL monitoring is about fire alarms and a response service. Some municipalities require UL monitored systems meaning that if your alarm goes off, they show up within one hour. Not everybody does that. Not every alarm company is UL listed to provide that kind of service, but Millennium Fire & Security does.  We came in and replaced the above-mentioned hotel’s entire system and we did it in just 4 days as promised. Other companies can’t do that.  Other companies can’t move as quickly as we do. The difference is we treat our clients like gold because they are like gold. Our clients are our business and our responsibility.


So, if you need a very reliable alarm company that makes appointments (and we actually show up), we’re your guys.  We won’t let you down. We won’t make an appointment and not show up. You are #1 to us and we want to keep it that way.


Call Millennium Fire & Security and find out just how serious we are.