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Workplace Fire Prevention Tips

September 03, 2021 By Millennium Fire and Security In News
At Millennium Fire and Security, we believe that no one should have to experience a fire. As a commercial business owner or manager, being aware of possible causes of fires in your workplace and safeguarding against them is a smart practice. There are three main causes of workplace fires: cooking an...

Millennium Fire & Security Celebrates 15 Years in Business

August 04, 2021 By Millennium Fire and Security In News
15 year anniversary celebration
We opened our doors here at Millennium Fire & Security in 2006, at a time when the big-name home security chains were aggressively expanding in Florida. It wasn’t the easiest time to launch a brand-new alarm service, but director Chris Martin saw an opportunity for a locally focused small ...

Summer Safety Tips for Celebrating July 4th

June 10, 2021 By Millennium Fire and Security In News
  The July 4th holiday is the biggest party of the summer, and it’s natural to forgo thinking about work as the holiday approaches (especially when it falls on a weekend).   Business owners shouldn’t overlook it, though, as it combines all the key elements of a serious safety i...

Are Security Systems Worth It for a Business?

May 03, 2021 By Millennium Fire and Security In News
  Small businesses have to ruthlessly scrutinize every item in the budget. Security might not feel like an absolute necessity, but it is worthwhile not to overlook its value. Many businesses find themselves asking “How much is TOO much?”   At minimum, any business will need doo...