Benefits of Iris Recognition


Imagine being able to do away with the hassle of issuing a new access control card every time you hire a new employee. You’d never have to worry about deactivating lost cards or replacing damaged ones—which is both an inconvenience and an expense. What if you and your workforce could prove security clearances at a glance, with no extra badges or keycards involved? If any of this appeals to you, an Iris Recognition system could be exactly you’re looking for.


When you hear “Iris Recognition,” what comes to mind? Maybe a science fiction movie filled with gadgets and innovation? Well, you may be surprised to discover that this technology has been widely used since the start of the new millennium and is growing steadily. This method of biometric identification boasts more accuracy than fingerprint scanners, proves to be less intrusive, and is much more secure than your standard key card—which can easily fall into the wrong hands.


Much like fingerprints, the eyes have a definitively unique, one-of-a-kind textural pattern. This is where the benefits of Iris Recognition technology come into play. Here’s how it works:


During the initial scanning process, a high-resolution image of the user’s iris is saved into the system. The image is then securely encrypted using a complex algorithm and converted into a code. The resulting code is then linked to the security credentials assigned to that user. After credentials have been saved, verifying identity is as simple as looking into the reader.


You may be thinking, how will this benefit my business? The truth is, any company with valuable assets is bound to have areas which should be protected from unauthorized access. The Iris Recognition software is simple to understand and employ, user-friendly, and can potentially save you from theft-related expenses down the line.


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