Case Studies: A Picture Perfect Finish & Falling For You

Case Study: A Picture Perfect Finish


Recently, a store owner was at home having dinner and received a ping on his cellphone which revealed a burglar at his business. This amazing technology just paid for itself.  The new security system he recently had installed by Millennium Fire & Security led to the capture of the burglar.  A camera in the building clearly showed the burglar helping himself to goods and cash. He escaped from the building before the police arrived and disappeared into the night. The police retrieved the video. The burglar was identified in photos and was arrested within hours.”


If you own a business, we have an important message for you. Bad guys work day and night making elaborate plans to break into businesses.  Many don’t care if there’s an alarm system and will take their chances.


However, a silent alarm with monitoring and camera activation can aid the police in the identification and arrest of the culprits. Remote viewing gives you the flexibility to always know what’s happening on your property, day or night.


Capable of being installed either overtly or covertly (hidden) anywhere in or around your building, security cameras are truly a burglar’s nightmare whether they heed their presence or not.


Case Study: Falling For You


“A business owner who has a lot of foot traffic had a customer fall outside their business in the parking lot.  Instead of laying there, nursing his injuries, or hobbling to his car, this patron immediately jumped up and made a gesture as if to praise God! Then, not remembering which hip he fell on, he instructed his spouse to take a picture on her phone with him laying on the pavement – first on his left side, then his right.  Satisfied that they had the “proof” needed, he then skipped over to his vehicle, tossed in his cane and hopped into the driver’s seat, confident that he had found the “pot o’ gold”.


All too often, this scenario plays out in the public.  Luckily, all this was recorded for posterity on the business owner’s camera system. What could have become a multi-million dollar settlement, became nothing more than an hour of attorney fees.  When the business owner originally installed cameras, they thought they were frivolous. Now, seeing the cost savings, they are installing cameras at all of their locations.

Camera systems will not stop all activity on your site, but the recording becomes invaluable.


Millennium Fire & Security offers security systems for all business sizes and budgets.  If you’re still on the fence, start small and build. We have many different security systems for a variety of needs because your security is our #1 concern.


We take pride in what we do!  Our team of expert installers will install your system and teach you how to use it with ease. Don’t hesitate to install security out of the fear that you won’t know how to operate it. Millennium Fire & Security will provide you with all the necessary knowledge to activate and deactivate your system.


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