Case Study: Disappearing Tools

Whether it occurs at home or at your place of business, theft is on the rise. But, you don’t have to be a victim.


Case Study:  “Bob had a thriving automotive repair shop. Business was booming and his word-of-mouth referrals were just what he needed to expand his growing list of customers. He was able to hire more mechanics and take in more business than ever before.  Unfortunately, after a few months, small tools started to disappear. Oil and other automotive products began to go missing and inventory numbers just didn’t add up. At first, Bob thought it was a matter of poor bookkeeping. But, he soon realized that was not the case. That’s when he called Millennium Fire & Security to have his business evaluated.”


He was surprised to learn that some of his own employees were using company tools and products and not returning them. Wrenches, piston rings, and other small items were disappearing without turning up later.  


Millennium recommended hidden cameras along with a couple visible cameras to try and catch the culprits in the act.


As expected, the five-finger discounts weren’t occurring on the exposed cameras, but mostly in the stock room. Two employees were helping themselves to his inventory. The employees involved were confronted and dealt with.


Shortly thereafter, Bob called Chris at Millennium Fire & Security and asked for a breakdown of more security for his business. He ended up purchasing a full package including outdoor cameras, a state-of-the-art silent alarm system, and security signs throughout his business.


Business is still booming at Bob’s automotive shop, and he’s more than made up for the cost of his alarm system. Inventory is stable without discrepancies, and he now has background checks on all employees.


If you’re thinking of a safer business environment, call Millennium Fire & Security. We’ve got you covered!