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Is your Village well-defended?

Security is important for any business, but DeVita holds a special allure for thieves. The medicine and equipment you carry on hand fetch a high price on illicit markets, making you an ideal target for robbery and not always the kind you expect.

Central Florida hospitals have had a real problem with criminals impersonating medical employees and utilizing their disguises to steal drugs and equipment. Not only have these thieves hurt the profitability of these hospitals, but they’ve also endangered the lives of their clientele by stealing vital goods.

Without sufficient protection, you stand to lose:

• Medicinal Stock
• Expensive Equipment
• Reputation
• Future Business

Criminals aren’t always external threats, either. Some people will seek jobs at locations like yours just for the easy access to drugs. Without proper access controls and systems in place to stop them, you’re one bad day away from losing your entire stock.

Even your clients are at risk. With how long dialysis sessions takes, their personal belongings are sitting ducks for opportunistic hunters, including their cars. If their property is stolen on your premises, they may hold you accountable.

This doesn’t have to be you.

 We’ve worked with other DeVita locations, and our security systems have saved them from costly ill-intent, like thievery, violence, and insurance fraud. With our services, you can rest assured that your Village’s walls are secure. 

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