Do You Know Quantum Physics—Neither Do We


But we do know security, fire systems, and protecting your business from those who would seek to harm it.


Did you know that today, one of the leading risks to businesses and employers are threats associated with disgruntled employees or contractors? We all have great employees until we don’t! It’s now more important than ever to protect your business not only from outside dangers but insider ones as well.


We’ve all read the stories in the news. Ex-employees leaking sensitive employer documents to the press or social media, downloading/copying sensitive files with an intent to benefit a competitor. While these may seem like isolated incidents from “bad egg” employees, the truth is the potential is there in any business regardless of size or notoriety for an employee to become a security risk.


In addition, if a disgruntled employee has access to your server, either physically or electronically, they can effectively take down your business for days, costing you thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue. If they wish to physically harm someone, you as the employer would be held liable for not foreseeing the possible threat if you don’t secure your building.


Thankfully, there are measures you can take to protect yourself and your business from these insider threats. By implementing strict access control measures, you are ensuring the safety of your sensitive files. And any efforts by employees to exceed those access privileges will be met with security blocks.


We at Millennium Fire are here to protect you and your business from all security threats that may arise whether from burglars or former employees. We will work to secure your confidential information, files, and documents from anyone with questionable intentions or purposes.


If you choose to secure yourself with Millennium Fire & Security, we will perform a threat analysis of your business and design a system based on your needs. Our security systems are easy to use and can be integrated with cameras, access control, and automation technology.