Fire Prevention at Healthcare Facilities


You have come to know us for our reliable security systems, but did you know we also install and maintain fire safety systems? With the same care and expertise we apply to the security of your business, we are also passionate about safety from fires for your business. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer fire alarm systems that detect smoke and heat and alert you and others of a dangerous fire.


What do you think the most common place for cooking equipment to cause fires is? If you said restaurants as a seemingly obvious choice, you answered the second most common place. Surprisingly, hospitals rank the highest in cooking fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment is responsible for 65% of fires in healthcare centers. Given this prevalence, hospitals should always make sure their fire alarm system is up do date and functioning properly.


There are numerous causes for healthcare facility fires, with kitchen equipment being the most likely. Other causes include electricity and lighting, heating units, and cigarette smoking materials. Since hospitals are crucial institutions, especially during this time of coronavirus, taking necessary precautions to avoid fires is smart.


Wires and circuits can heat up when overworked. When possible, use one outlet for each high energy device, and make a practice of not plugging one power strip into another power strip. Simple steps like checking to make sure wires are not frayed and removing any papers or other flammable materials that are close to electrical spots can also prevent fires.


Establish a policy and require that smoking to be done in a controlled and designated area. Installing proper disposal bins in these areas will help ensure cigarette butts are fully extinguished and kept away from the main building.


For cooking equipment, check to see if ovens, grills, and burners are running correctly and being used in a safe and careful way. Clean grease traps on a regular basis and wipe up spills immediately. Storing flammable liquids, oils, or other items away from the cooking equipment and keeping fire extinguishers within easy reach will help ensure a safe environment. Establish and follow guidelines and protocols for preventing and reacting to fires.


Our fire alarm system is equipped with smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, smoke evacuation technology, door controls, and more. Not only are we experienced in over 20 years of National Fire Protection Association codes and standards, we also provide affordable maintenance plans for our customers. Ensuring your system continues to work is always beneficial. At Millennium Fire and Security, our goal is to install quality systems that are built to last for our valued clients. If you are a hospital looking for a new fire alarm system, we’ll be ready for the job. Give us a call at 407-890-0506!