Fire Safety: Start Your Lunar Year with Care and Wisdom



20203081_MILLENNIUM-FIRE_Social-Media-Content-Images-Feb-FireSafetyCelebrations and customs are some of the most beautiful things to exist in our lives. Diversity is equally so. It’s brilliant how people living across the globe start their year in different times and with different traditions.


For some, New Year begins on January 1st. For others, the official celebrations begin as the Lunar Calendar marks the new beginnings.


One thing that seems to have remained the same everywhere is the fireworks. As we are fast approaching the 12th of February, we want to make sure that the explosive beauties do not end up harming anyone.


To ensure that safety comes first, we are listing some of the top tips for fire safety:


  • If you have a smoke alarm at home, check it before the big night. Replace batteries and make sure it is in top-notch condition. You’d need more than one smoke alarm for a big house and every floor.
  • Do not leave any lighter, matches, and fireworks within reach where children or pets can access them.
  • Always have a fire escape plan in your house and make sure the kids and guests are familiar with it.
  • Switch off and unplug all the fairy lights and outdoor lights before going to bed.
  • With all the guests in the house, encourage everyone to smoke outside. Keep deep ashtrays around the house.
  • When decorating the house, do not block the doors and keep a clear path of all entries and exits.
  • It’s smarter to always leave the fireworks to the professionals.
  • If you are participating in fireworks anyway, read the boxes carefully and expand your fire safety awareness. Follow all the instructions and take proper safety precautions. Choose a clear and open area without any overhead wires and hangings to shoot the fireworks.
  • Place all your fireworks in a metal box.
  • When shooting off a firework, keep a water bucket and fire extinguisher close at hand. Make someone responsible to use either of them immediately in case of an accident.
  • If a firework did not light up the first time, do not approach it again right after or try to re-light it.


Never compromise on the protection of all those around you. State-of-the-art fire alarms and fire escapes are important parts of fire safety standards. They can protect you against serious damage. Only trust professionals for the safety of your loved ones. Call us today at 407-603-3881 and celebrate new beginnings with peace of mind.