Florida Fire Code Now Requires Six Month Visual Inspection. Is Your Business Prepared?


A recent change to the Florida fire alarm code is one in which all businesses need to take note. The state code now requires visual inspections to be performed every six months. This rule change was approved several years ago, but authorities only recently started fully enforcing it.


What does this mean for your business? There is a general lack of awareness of the change as it has not been highly publicized by the state, and some businesses have already received surprise citations for it. If you’re cited, you’ll have 30 days to bring your facility into compliance before a fine is issued (which can range up to $500 per offense).


While this change is something for all Florida businesses to be aware, it’s nothing to panic over. The new fire code merely calls for a visual inspection every six months, not a full hands-on test of all functions. The key item of testing that needs to be done is to send signals to verify that the fire alarm is communicating properly.


What exactly does a visual inspection entail? The state requires that a fire safety professional run down a checklist of items found in the current National Fire Protection Association safety code. It’s a substantial list of items, but it’s also fairly quick and easy for an experienced professional to do for you. A certified professional checks items like the correct mounting and function of detectors and that notification systems are working properly. This check does require a trained professional, however, as it requires access to and understanding of things like duct detectors, sampling systems and emergency alarm controls.


Millennium Fire regularly handles these inspections, and we pride ourselves on making them as affordable and hassle-free as possible for our clients. If you need to meet your semi-annual compliance requirements, give us a call at 407-253-7373 during business hours (or use our quote request form) and we’ll get back to you to set something up right away!