Get to Know Us and The Way We Do Customer Service


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we make it one of our goals to exceed expectations in the area of customer service. Offering budget flexibility, special advice, careful attention to the property, affordable maintenance plans, quality security products, and a client-focused model, we strive to put the customer first, making their safety and satisfaction the ultimate goal. If you’ve been looking for security or have been using our equipment, it’s good to know who is or may be installing your safety systems.


We don’t strive for excellent customer service strictly for the purpose of obtaining and keeping more clients; we actually want you to be happy and content with our security systems, feeling safe and secure. One way we can do that is for you to become acquainted with us.


Chris Martin is the director of operations of Millennium Fire and Security. With over 20 years of experience in inspecting, designing, installing, and maintaining multiple safety systems, Chris specializes in fire alarm systems. He started as an “attic monkey” in 1992, hardwiring homes for security systems. Later, he was trained as a municipal fire inspector. In 1998, Chris became NICET IV certified in fire alarm systems and later obtained his Florida State Alarm Contractor I license. Chris teaches fire alarm classes.


Thameen Baker, vice president of field operations, started in 1991 in security and camera installations for retail/convenient stores statewide. With talent, experience, and smarts, he became certified in alarm and camera systems. This led him to be involved in residential and commercial security installation with nationwide companies. Thameen troubleshoots problems that may arise, and specially trains our technicians to install hassle-free systems, making the experience of our services great for the customer.


Mara Blagojevic, Office Administrator, and Jay Legg, Operations Manager, are two greatly appreciated and experienced members of our team who do diligent and purposeful work.


Often, we’ll schedule a visit with our clients just to see how they’re doing — like visiting a friend. We like to solve to problems, fixing things effectively. When one of our valued client’s system isn’t working properly or they have a liability, we find a solution. No one wants faulty equipment or services. At Millennium Fire and Security, we study patterns and issues and apply our expertise, saving you money and stress wherever we can so you can serve your customers and do what you do best.


Looking to install, repair or replace a security system? We are here, ready to take on the task. As you can see, we strive for great customer service, letting you get to know our team. Call us at 407-890-0506 today!