How to Choose The Right CCTV


Commercial environments come with unique security risks to both the industry and facility. All commercial businesses need some type of security to prevent, deter, and monitor illegal activities that may occur on their property. However, the quality of service that system provides depends on several different things.


Well-designed video surveillance systems are easily any commercial business owner’s most effective defense in their security arsenal. If that system is either ill-adapted or ill-suited for the purpose or objective, it can be of little use during an actual security event.


Here are some important video surveillance tips to protect your commercial facility:


  1. Know the risks


Every business has unique risks. These are based on factors like location, industry, facility size and usage, and occupancy. Never assume your risks. You must determine them through thorough investigation. Talk to your local law enforcement and ask about local crime and the common crimes they see in similar facilities. Speak with other local business owners about their security strategies and insights. Finally, talk to a security specialist for a professional opinion.


  1. Create a security plan


Great security is an ongoing affair. You must collect the data and develop a systematic plan of implementation that addresses all the risks you discovered. As you develop your plan, start thinking about which commercial security cameras and CCTV systems will most address the likely issues you’d face, such as theft, accident, or violence.


  1. Choose the right system


The security camera system is a business owner’s tool to combat things like false injury claims, theft, and violence. But its effectiveness depends on having the right camera in the right locations. Here are questions to guide you in choosing the right security camera system for your facility.


  • Do you need to cover areas such as loading docks, parking lots, and entrances and exits?
  • Would your facility benefit from wide view cameras for sweeping views of the facility?
  • What small areas need to be covered? Stockrooms or other tight areas?
  • Should your POS area be covered?
  • Could your busy areas use pan-tilt-zoom cameras?


The right commercial security camera and CCTV system can help facility owners address many challenges. Millennium Fire and Security helps both commercial and residential clients with a full line of security technologies. Call today for your business evaluation and security consultation.