How We Work Within Our Customers’ Budgets


In past blog posts, you may remember us mentioning how we work within your business’s budget so you can acquire the appropriate security you need. How do we work within the budgets of our clients? This article will explain further. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we make it our proud goal to ensure customers are satisfied with the safety system we provide. Also, we make sure they understand their systems. The quality safety equipment we provide are security alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access control technology, and fire alarm systems, each serving a unique purpose.


With a varied array of systems and a vast amount of clients, you may ask: what is the price? Each system varies in cost, from customer to customer, because each is a fit to a certain property. Those specific properties may require more or less of a cost, a custom-fit for the individual client. The price can range as low as $500 dollars for basic security, but the rate is based on customer needs. Price is largely determined by security needs and the type of property.


When a client gives us a budget for a project or perceived need, we’ll visit the property and make observations of critical areas, carefully scoping the location. Sometimes our customers are told they should use a certain item that is not actually necessary. Other times, they aren’t aware of potential liabilities. When we survey, we use our expertise and experience with similar businesses to figure out what services would best meet the potential client’s needs.


Occasionally, they are scenarios where a client is having difficulty with the initial costs the recommended and/or mandated security systems require. When this happens, budget flexibility comes into play. We offer financing and lease options to meet any budget, making sure they obtain the security they need. Often, we recommend expandable systems, which start with the basics, then build from there over time.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we strive to provide the best of the best when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Our budget policies and maintenance plans, along with our products, ensure your business can get the protection you need at an affordable rate. Call 407-890-0506 for more information!