Keep Your Business Safe During the Upcoming Holidays


During the months of November and December, many stores and other businesses become very busy and crowded as we prepare for the fall and winter holidays. It is worthwhile to have the right systems in place to prevent any robberies or fires during the holiday bustle.  This holiday season, make sure you have the best security and fire prevention systems to safeguard against any dangers.


Burglaries can happen easily during these months, big or small. A shoplifter may try to take advantage of the Black Friday crowds to steal your merchandise unnoticed. Sadly, even some employees may be tempted to steal during the frenzied atmosphere of the season. That is why we offer a security alarm system, access control system, and a closed circuit camera system. The presence of a camera may deter any mischievous behavior and cause thieves to think twice before stealing products off the shelf. If a theft does happen to occur, cameras can help police identify the suspect.


Any break-ins, nighttime or daytime, can be cut short with a security alarm system. Our system is equipped with 24/7 monitoring through our Central Station located in Longwood with emergency services available during after-hours. Easy to use, the system can be accessed remotely through your smart phone or computer.


With an access control system, you can hedge against any unwanted visitors coming into your business. This system only allows employees and visitors with the correct credentials to enter. Find out more information on our recent blog, Three Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From Access Control here.


Staying up to date with the latest in fire prevention systems is an important task. The safety of people is always number one, and during the holiday season, more shoppers will visit stores and other businesses. Our fire alarm systems are up to NFPA state and local code, and our 20 years of experience in fire alarm systems equips us the necessary skills to install fire prevention. We provide heat detectors, manual pull stations, smoke detectors, smoke evacuation systems, and more. The lives of your employees and customers are very important. Any measures to avert and warn of fires are a worthy investment.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we value the security and safety of your business or store. With the holiday season upon us, it is a smart idea to update your security and fire prevention systems. If you need more information or want to schedule an appointment, call us 407-890-0506.