Keeping Your Business Safe: The Essentials in an Office Security System





When it comes to keeping your business safe, there is no expense too great and no measure too far. The safety and security of your property and staff are paramount and securing yourself now can prevent huge losses in the future.


By knowing the essentials to include in your office’s security system, you can keep your business safe without breaking the bank. Here is what you should look for in an office security system.



Access Control Systems


One of the most essential products to include in your office’s security is an access control system. These popular security systems can prevent individuals who may wish to harm your business from gaining entry in the first place, and they can also prevent people without the necessary permissions from entering sensitive areas.


Access control systems mean that there’s no need for you to constantly change locks or replace keys that employees have lost. Millennium Fire and Security offer bulletproof ACSs that can be controlled remotely, automate access schedules and auto-lock!


CCTV Cameras


A highly valuable but often overlooked piece of an office’s security system is CCTV — closed-circuit television.  Sometimes, a business owner might feel they are not as important as the actual alarms, but this mindset will leave their business at risk. Many times, the mere presence of the camera will prevent a break-in or theft before it happens, making your office building less vulnerable.


Surveillance is necessary to keep your office safe in 2021. It’s an integral part of any security system and adds a necessary layer of protection. Make sure to let your security company know of your concerns and other important details, so they can choose a CCTV system that’s right for you.


Security Alarm Systems


The FBI tells us that a burglary happens somewhere in America every 15 seconds! Yikes!


It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there will be people who wish to do your business harm and steal your property. An alarm system is almost like a ‘last gasp’ attempt at preventing disaster – but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Millennium Fire and Security offers a holistic system and monitoring service that is tailored to your business. They perform a threat analysis on your office and use the information to help you decide what the best products to include in your security system are.


It is absolutely vital that in 2021, your business is protected with the latest products in security — criminals are getting smarter, faster, and more confident. Let us help your business keep up so that it doesn’t get left behind. Contact us today at 407-253-7373.