Large or Small Company—a Safety System is What You Need


Whether your company is small and growing or large enough to have various locations, installing a fire alarm and security system is a smart investment to make. No matter what type of business you provide, the safety of you and your employees are the number one priority. A fire and security system that keeps everyone safe should always be obtained.


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we specialize in systems that keep people in the community safe from any threats. Whether it is fire or burglary, we are ready to install the necessary systems to help prevent such unfortunate events. You are our valued customer; that is why our goal is to provide quality safety products.


The right safety system can protect property and, most importantly, lives. This reality is why whether your business is small or large, a safety system is the device you need. Everyone benefits from security.


A hazardous fire can cost an exorbitant amount of money in property damage and could severely injure your employees. A fire alarm system will warn people of danger before they get hurt and contact the fire department to stop the fire before it spreads. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer fire alarm systems equipped with smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, smoke evacuation systems, and more. Always stay one step ahead of risk.


Another event that is costly to your business is a robbery. The average cost of a robbery is $2,230. Avoid those unnecessary replacement costs with a security system. We provide security systems that assist in preventing burglaries. Our security alarm system sounds off and contacts emergency services during the event of a crime. Our closed circuit camera system (CCTV) captures any thieves on camera and may ward off any mischief. Our access control system ensures that only certain people with the right credentials can enter a building or room. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared


No business, no matter how big or small, is above fire and security systems. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we work with our customers to make sure you get the best and most affordable safety systems. We also provide maintenance plans so your systems can remain working. Call us at 407-890-0506 for more information.