Minutes Add Up


“A large food production facility recently noticed incremental increases in their overtime costs. The overtime hours did not match production output. At first, it was thought to be a training problem.  However, upon further investigation by the management staff, it was discovered that the problem was employee-based improprieties.  Overhearing a conversation between different employees revealed co-workers were clocking others out after they had left the facility.”


Large corporations along with smaller companies have experienced these seemingly “innocent” indiscretions by employees for years.  In the past, it was difficult to discover problems of this nature, and it was time-consuming to audit time-in and time-out for each and every employee to find the discrepancies.  This type of problem was often written off as a loss. The losses can be astounding.


In today’s corporate world, technology has improved business practices and has definitely helped solve problems thought to be a lost cause in years past. No longer are companies left with losses such as the above-mentioned case scenario.


Millennium Fire & Security was able to not only solve the problem for the food production facility, they were also able to keep it from happening in the future. Additional cameras were installed at or near the time clocks that verified the identity of employees with their time entries. This has since saved the company 100 hours of overtime each week.


If you have had a discrepancy in hours worked at your company, Millennium Fire & Security can help solve your overtime dilemma or other discrepancies in employee data.  Just minutes each day can add up to a huge deficit when it comes to your bottom line. Employees can be informed when hiring in that surveillance is an important part of your business.  Safety and security protects everyone.


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