National Safe Toys and Gifts Month





December is the month of Safe Toys and Gifts. All over the world, people celebrate gift-giving. While we explore all the different types of toys and gifts we can give, we forget about safety. Make sure you shop for safe toys and gifts, especially for the little angels in your life.


The last thing you want is to rush your little one to the emergency due to a toy-related injury. When you go shopping for a gift, you need to ensure you give a safe gift.


How do you know the toy you are looking at is safe for your child?

Put on your detective hat and observe the following signs to determine the toy’s safety:

  • Ensure you inspect the toy before you purchase it. You are looking for sharp edges, several small parts, or easily removable parts such as “button” batteries and magnets.
  • Ensure you buy a toy with the same age and skill level as the child.
  • Ensure the developmental appropriateness of the toy before you buy it.
  • Check the label to ensure it complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM).  The toy should have the ATSM label on it, certifying it as safe.
  • Don’t buy toys with cords and ropes.
  • Don’t buy toys that can heat up easily.
  • Don’t buy crayons and markers unless the packaging is labeled nontoxic.
  • Sports equipment should come with protective gear.


Other Safety Tips to Keep in Mind during the National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Balloons can be a choking or suffocation hazard. If deflated, keep them away from kids younger than 8 years old. If broken, discard immediately.


Small Balls and Toys with Small Parts

Small balls and toys with small parts can cause choking. Avoid giving them to kids younger than three years old.


Scooters and Riding Toys

Always give helmets and safety gear with scooters and riding toys.



Avoid giving high-powered magnet sets to children. Even if they are marketed for kids, keep them away from small children.


Gift Opening Tips

Once they open the gifts, practice the following suggestions to promote safety:

  • Immediately throw away the plastic wrapping or other toy packaging.
  • Keep toys for older children away from younger children.
  • Supervise battery charging, as they can pose a thermal burn hazard. Read the warnings and instructions on the battery chargers to prevent overcharging.


We hope you find these tips hopeful and stay safe during National Safe Toys and Gifts Month. We encourage you to take safety measures at home by contacting us at 407-890-0506 to make your surroundings safe.