Preventing and Responding to Theft in Your Area


When a robbery takes place in your area or your place of business, it’s important to know how to respond and how to prevent future robberies. Reacting appropriately is the most effective way of dealing with theft. You may ask, “What do I do in response to such an event?” Read on for actions you can take to deal with a burglary.


According to the FBI crime reports, a burglary happens every 15 seconds, so it is likely that if you have not been robbed yourself, you may know someone who has experienced this unfortunate incident. However, it isn’t hopeless. At Millennium Fire and Security, we strive to give our customers the best. Our security alarm system is a perfect preventative measure against thieves. We provide 24/7 monitoring going through our Central Station in Longwood. Our hardwired or wireless systems allow remote access via smartphone and/or computer. An alarm system impedes any robberies.


Another valuable security measure are cameras. Cameras are essential to any security system. Cameras can help in identifying a burglar or even outright prevent them from trying anything by making them think twice. We offer regular maintenance plans and monitoring from our Central Station. Technicians monitoring the camera at all times makes the system more comprehensive.


Access control systems also provide security. With this system, your home or business will be safe by only letting in the people you trust. This technology ranges from simple keypads or proximity readers to advanced features such as biometric and iris readers.


If, however, your workplace becomes a target for a robbery, here are some suggestions for what to do. Always contact the police after a burglary. Make mental notes of the robber’s appearance, whether you saw them on camera or in person. This strategy helps the authorities with identifying the suspect. If you are at a place of business and a robbery takes place, remain calm and do not resist. Follow the robber’s directions to ensure no one gets hurt. Always tell the burglar what you are doing and why to avoid any sudden conflict. Noting what the robber does will help with the police report. Your safety and the safety of others around you is the top priority.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we believe that no one should have to experience a robbery. That is why we provide the resources for thwarting such events. Our security systems will make your home or workplace safer. If interested, call now at 407-890-0506.