Reduce Your Risk of Commercial Theft


TheftFor commercial property owners and managers, it’s not difficult to justify your unease in the world today. Things may seem a bit threatening. According to FBI crime statistics from 2016, non-residential burglaries increased by 2.6 percent and according to a story in Science Daily,  31 percent of experienced burglars specifically targeted commercial properties.

There are a number of things you can do to remain outside of burglars’ crosshairs.

Like installing lights and surveillance cameras in key locations around the property. Hiring security, adopting a guard dog, and ensuring all vulnerable locations are always illuminated and secured during off hours are all great precautions. However, installing a top-notch alarm and surveillance system is ideal.

Here are a few additional tips to keeping your commercial property safe.

Watch Your Employees

According to Business News Daily, 64 percent of small businesses losses were at the hands of their own employees. Yet only 16 percent of these thefts were ever reported.


Ensure employees don’t have unauthorized access to sensitive systems or restricted locations. Following the termination of an employee, the IT manager should immediately revoke any access credentials to the system.


Don’t Create Hiding Spots

In 2016, the FBI found that non-residential nighttime burglaries increased six percent.

Installing lights in strategic areas both inside and around the outside of the property is a best practice. In an effort to go green, you can attach motion sensors.


Alarm Systems Deter Crime

You may never think about it, but the most experienced burglars have a methodology, preferring not to incur any additional risks. Therefore, any visible signs of security (cameras, lights, security screens, etc.) will discourage smart burglars. According to Science Daily, 83 percent of out of 400 convicted burglars admitted to investigating a property for an alarm system prior to robbing it. Of the 83 percent, 60 percent said that an onsite alarm often inspired them to pick s different target.


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