Security is essential – just ask Danaerys!

If you’re anything like the millions of other worldwide fans watching Game of Thrones, you know the importance of insulating your interests with a protective system. For Danaerys Targaryen, that protective system includes her dragon children. For Cersei Lannister, it is the Mountain. For Arya Stark, it is her skills as an assassin.


Security is a consideration that wins battles, wars, and can influence fate. It is no different for your business or company. Imagine a burglar or opportunist criminal as a wave of wights attempting to come and consume your assets for their own benefit. However, although Winter may be coming, just as in the show, there are some things that you can do to attend to that frigidity.


Access Control

One gatekeeper toward keeping your business assets safe is by implementing some access control on the premises. Access control allows business owners to control who receives access to sensitive materials and locations on their property by managing who has the appropriate “security clearance” to access certain areas.


How many people enter and exit your business on any given day? Do you know exactly where those individuals are at all times? Can you be sure they’re not trying to access restricted areas? With access control as part of your security repertoire, you can safely assume that unauthorized entry in sensitive areas of your property is not occurring.



As either a property manager or business owner, you can’t be everywhere at one time. There are times when you simply must peel your eyes away from the security displays for various reasons. You have to meet a client, or use the restroom, or do any of the hundreds of little tasks that could be helping you to improve your business. However, knowing you have the ability to review captured film from designated areas helps make your situation more secure than to those without CCTV.


Place these eyes-in-the-sky in strategic locations around your property, including alleyways, parking lots or garages. Light up dark corners near windows and doors to illuminate your building’s physical vulnerabilities.


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