Security Lighting With Cameras

So you’ve got your store covered. Cameras, security alarms, and adequate lighting all meticulously installed to protect your business and assets from criminal activity. You’re all set, right?




More and more businesses nowadays are investing in extra lighting for their parking lots and for good reason. This oftentimes poorly lit area is perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting customers or employees coming to or from your business. Parking lots are a favorite for opportunist criminals waiting for individuals carrying shopping bags or not quite paying attention to their surroundings.


During the holidays, many police departments post additional officers in busy mall parking lots to check for unlocked cars and merchandise in plain sight. Security studies have shown that you become a target when you leave exposed merchandise in your car. For the opportunist, it’s all a matter of grab and run.


When you can’t have a policeman patrolling your parking lot, cameras and lighting are the next best thing. Many business owners falsely believe high-tech security systems are way over their budgets.  But a sales rep from Millennium Fire & Security will tailor a parking lot surveillance system to fit your budget. This can prevent vandalism and fake liability claims, while protecting your customers and employees, along with these other benefits:


  • Keep customers and employees safe
  • Prevent vandalism
  • Prevent fake slip-and-fall liability claims
  • Insurance rates often go down


A study done by the Bureau of Justice found that 10 percent of property crimes take place in parking lots and parking garages. Don’t sit and wait for bad luck to strike, be proactive.


Millennium Fire & Security offers the tools you need to keep your customers, your employees, and your business safe. Call today for a customized business security assessment and quote!