Security Systems Assist the Authorities

Security systems are a smart and useful investment. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we want our customers to be prepared for any illegal activity that may occur at your business and be safe in those unfortunate cases. We offer various security systems that will maximize the safety of your company.


Not only do security systems prevent robberies and add a deeper level of protection for individuals, they can also help police with their investigation. The various types of systems assist authorities in identifying any suspects or persons of interest. Information provided by the systems will also allow them to find out what happened at what time, and the order of events that took place during the crime.


Read on for the security systems we provide and how they collaborate with the authorities:


Security Alarm System


In the possible event of a burglary, a security alarm system is a major asset to your safety. Our easy to use system is equipped with 24/7 monitoring through our local Central Station in Longwood. Should a robbery or break-in occur, the system would call our Central Station, who would then notify local law enforcement. The faster they arrive, the faster they can assess the details and reconstruct what happened.


Closed Circuit Camera System (CCTV)


This camera system is especially valuable for identifying any suspects and providing video evidence of exactly what happened. If the robbery is captured on camera, the authorities will be able to gain more information and detail so they can find the perpetrator and prevent any future burglaries. With this system, they can note what time the robbery occurred and the chain of events that took place.  A comprehensive CCTV system, integrated with a security system, would also include monitoring where the police would also be notified immediately.


Access Control System


Just like CCTV, our access control system will aid the police in identifying suspects and persons of interest. This system allows only people with the right credentials to enter a building and/or room, keeping track of who is entering and leaving. If there is suspicion of foul play among employees, police can use the access control system to view who has been in the building, helping them decide who to question and which direction to take in their investigation.


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., our vision is to provide security systems that will bring safety to your business or home. You are our valued customer, and we strive to provide the best quality protection for you. For more information, call us at 407-890-0506.