Silent alarms save lives




Imagine this scenario:


A small to medium-sized business owner is renting a commercial space from another business in the same building and was contacted after hours at home by their security alarm company. They were informed there was reason to believe a break-in had occurred at their place of business and the business owner instructs the alarm company to notify the authorities. Due to quick action on the alarm company and business owner’s part, the police arrive within minutes to find an armed individual on the premises along with a handful of business staff. Potentially saving innocent lives from harm.


Your business isn’t safe just because you have deadbolts on the door or a safe in the office. A truly safe workplace always includes a monitored security alarm system and a security camera network.  Seconds count in dangerous situations and an armed intruder inevitably has the upper hand. But a silent monitored security system installed by Millennium Fire & Security can bring you peace of mind while ensuring your property, personnel, and business assets are secured.


A monitored security system works like this: when the security company receives an alert indicating the silent alarm has been triggered, the police are immediately dispatched. In some cases, the business owner may be off premises but will receive a call from the monitoring company and give the okay to contact the police.


This scenario isn’t unique and can happen to anyone at any time.  Does your office have a plan in case of an emergency?  Is your staff safe at the workplace while you’re away?


Millennium Fire & Security can make sure what you hold most dear stays protected by providing the best security systems and installations around. Whether for your home or your business, you’re covered with Millennium Fire & Security. Call today for your free consultation.