Stay Armed and Knowledgeable in the Retail World



There are many factors that go into management in retail: business plans, employee supervision, marketing strategies, and more. But what about protecting your investment with proper security protocol? The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) reports that shoplifters make off with over $13 billion worth of merchandise every year. Here are a few things to watch out for so you won’t become a victim:


People traveling in larger groups


Organized crime is to blame for much of the loss that merchants suffer, because it seems more challenging for a retail employee to keep track of multiple people than if it were a one-person operation. If a cluster of people shuffles into your business and immediately scatters, the situation may be one to monitor.


Large bags or clothing


If a customer enters your store donning a bulky coat in warmer weather, this could be a red flag. The same goes for large shopping bags or purses; these are easy methods of concealing items they have no intention of paying for. Train your employees on best practices regarding these situations. Request that customers leave their bags at the counter while they shop, and closely observe the behavior of those wearing oversized clothing. 


Indicative body language


This may seem like a given, but shoplifters are often nervous and want to get in and get out quickly. Many will linger near exits or stray to the corners of the store. Be aware of customers who are observing the employees instead of the merchandise. They are most likely awaiting an opportunity to walk out when all staff members have their backs turned to the door.  


You can never be too careful or aware, even with the knowledge of certain shoplifting practices. Call Millennium Fire and Security today and we’ll help you develop a security plan specific to the needs of your business.