The Cost Of Skimping On Small Business Security

Have you evaluated where you stand when it comes to vulnerability to break-ins or other crime?  An insurance-based study revealed 8.8% of small businesses were burglarized in 2016.


Small companies are often liable for up to $8,000 in out-of-pocket costs after being burglarized, a huge amount for a small business to absorb.


No matter what size business you have, it’s big business to you. And with any business, there are always a few risks. Millennium Fire & Security believes security should not be one of them. Millennium Fire & Security offers a free assessment of your business and its location. Don’t be a sitting duck. Millennium Fire & Security will guide you through every step of the security process.


With monitored systems, cameras, and easy access via smart phone or computer, you can rest easy knowing your business will not become a target. Installing an alarm system can significantly reduce your risk of nighttime intrusions.


Because many burglaries occur at night when you’re not around, if you have a professionally-installed security system, your risks go down.

Burglars target establishments with minimal to no security and specifically try to locate the most vulnerable businesses. As a result:


  • In 2012, thieves stole $4.7 billion worth of product
  • Employee theft accounted for $20-$40 billion in losses to employers. Did you know that 3 out of 4 employees have or will steal from their employers?
  • Wasted time by employees – cameras can prevent this, and also perform as an effective productivity manager.


Millennium Fire & Security offers:


  • local support and service
  • Top-notch security systems that can fit most budgets


Security systems and monitoring will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for in securing your small business.  Call Millennium Fire & Security today.