The Loss Prevention Files: Inside the Mind of a Shoplifter

Stealing apple in food store

Stealing apple in food storeHave you ever wondered what a criminal is thinking when they’re stealing from your store? Consider their process. Maybe their goal is to avoid detection and eventually resell the stolen merchandise, or maybe it’s just the thrill of the experience that drives their criminal behavior. Either way, burglars are opportunists looking for weak points in your security. Don’t let them win—have the upper hand by knowing theft inside and out.


Customer service is a roadblock


If you were a shoplifter, it would most likely prove very difficult to get away with your crime if there was always a staff member around—willing to help, monitoring activity, and greeting customers as they enter. Inform your employees about the importance of personalized customer service. For a routine shopper, it could make or break a potential sale; but it could also mean protecting your inventory from even the most seasoned of criminals. 


Advertised security is a deterrent


Be sure to post your security measures in plain sight. Just knowing that there are methods in place to prevent and prosecute shoplifting may be enough to intimidate a thief. For example, dressing rooms and the front door are prime locations to advertise your procedures. Dressing rooms in particular are often neglected as areas of interest, so be sure to pay special attention to them. 


It’s a pocket-size enterprise


Keep in mind that it would be harder to lug a flat screen television out the door than to conceal multiple smaller yet valuable items. Consider locking your most profitable merchandise and restricting access to the cases. In this scenario, all customers are supervised when handling expensive products, and the chances are lessened that a thief will have the opportunity to steal.


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