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With Covid still hanging over us years later, we’re at a point now where we must factor it into defending our businesses. Manually checking everyone that walks into your building for Covid symptoms is unfeasible, but there is a better way. Using thermal imaging technology, you can quickly scan everyone that walks into your building for feverish body heat levels. Our thermal imaging systems can:
  • Verify the presence of a mask from 9.8 feet away and with an arc 4.3 feet wide
  • Detect anyone with a fever quickly, easily, and reliably
  • The process can be claimed as using reasonable care to protect employees and guests if ever challenged in a court of law
  • Far more affordable and efficient than personnel manually checking temperatures
  • Records historical temperature and mask status alarms that can be searched for and exported
  • Allows for onsite viewing and centralized management of alarms, video, and temperature results
Until we can finally kiss this pandemic goodbye, it’s wise to guard yourself against the unique threats it poses. Give yourself the tools you need to keep your business safe from viral spreads and costly lawsuits.

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