Thermal Cameras Make Temperature Checks Easier


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we have been showcasing useful technology that can help combat COVID-19 — thermal camera systems. These cameras scan each person and are able to identify if individuals are running a fever. In past blogs, we’ve mentioned which places would benefit in obtaining one and the best spots to position them. In this blog, we want to go over how they reduce the hassle of temperature checks for businesses and customers.


If you have been to amusement parks or any event that has the potential to draw a larger number of people recently, you’re probably aware of the forehead temperature checks they are doing. You wait in a socially distanced line, pause while a medical volunteer or employee holds a quick handheld thermometer up to your forehead, and wait for the result. If you don’t have a fever, you are good to go. All things considered, this process is working, but it does have some potential drawbacks and could be made more efficient. Taking the time to stop each person slows down the line. Individuals in the line feel more encroached upon. We’re used to healthcare feeling private. Businesses have the extra cost of paying the workers who take the temperatures, and those employees must stand in close proximity to every person who enters the business, church, or event.


With a thermal camera system, temperature checking could become more efficient. Thermal cameras reduce the steps in the fever surveying process. Instead of someone coming into close contact with every attendee, the process is simplified by each customer walking by or stepping in front of the camera. This minimizes human to human contact, making it less likely for the virus to spread. Additionally, with faster temperature screenings, lines will become faster or dissipate altogether. Over time, the cost of the camera will be less than paying employees on a regular basis to stand and take temperatures. For customers and attendees, the process is less invasive, providing for easy compliance.


The presence of a thermal camera system has many benefits in decreasing friction. They lower human to human contact, provide quick fever checks, stop long lines from forming, and make the job of health officials less precarious. If you have been considering a thermal camera system or want to find out more, then contact us today.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we make safety our number one concern. And now, health safety is something we want to contribute to. Thermal cameras will do just that!


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