Thermal Cameras Make the Reopening Process Safer


Is your company reopened or slowly reopening? Fearful about the possibility of further spread of the Coronavirus? Believe it or not, there is a system that can help prevent spread and find possible carriers. It is a thermal camera system. These cameras are able to detect the body temperature of people without touching them, notifying staff if someone has a fever.


One possible occurrence states, companies, and people are taking into consideration for the reopening process is a second wave of COVID19 cases. Protective measures and a gradual and cautious return to work hedge against another influx. Additionally, a thermal camera system will identify possible cases, which will assist in the control of virus spread. It’s only a matter of what type of places to install such cameras, and where to install them.


The locations that will benefit the most from thermal cameras are places that see a lot of foot traffic every day. Cameras at airports, arenas, campuses, large multi-family office buildings, hotels, resorts, museums, zoos, and busy shopping centers would be the best and most useful places to benefit from their installation. As we all know, Orlando hosts many theme parks, big and small. A thermal camera system at these parks will allow them to reopen safely and effectively.


Strategically placing cameras in positions where people enter the building will reduce your risk and help keep both employees and visitors safe. Using thermal cameras at entrances will allow business owners to survey individuals in an unobtrusive manner. Another good location is a lobby, since it is close to the entrance and many people will pass by. At airports, theme parks, and shopping centers, placing them to view walkways will scan multiple people, which means multiple temperatures.


Everyone wants the reopening process to be smooth and safe, avoiding a second wave. By taking careful measures and utilizing technology like thermal cameras, we can all do our part in getting back to work safely.


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