Three Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From Access Control


A security system that beefs up the protection of your business by limiting and monitoring the people entering and leaving your building is called an access control system. The access control system allows certain people with the right credentials chosen by you to enter specific areas, safeguarding against any shady characters gaining access to confidential areas. The safety of your business is important.


While keys provide a basic form of access control, they also present a set of problems that businesses have endured such as lost or duplicate keys and the high cost of rekeying all the locks in the building when necessary. Current technology, ranging from simple keypads or proximity readers to advanced features such as biometric and iris readers, is steadily replacing the poor system of keys and locks.  Secure locations such as banks, offices, and businesses use an access control system to limit entry to secure rooms, prevent outsiders from coming in, and track employees. Overall, the system provides security from any unwanted visitors. Residential homes can also obtain an access control system.


At Millennium Fire and Security, your safety is our number one concern. That is why we provide installation of an access control system. Read on for three ways an access control system can benefit your business.


A Hedge Against Robbery

The last thing you want is an outsider or insider stealing money, financial records, or any other important business property. With an access control system, people who do not have the trusted I.D./credentials will be prohibited from entering any secure and important locations. This measure sets up a guard against any potential burglaries that would hurt your business. An access control system is especially helpful if there is a trend of robberies in the area.


A System for Tracking Employees

With this system, there is 24/7 monitoring of who is entering and leaving the building. With this information, you can keep track of who is in the building at appropriate times and know if there are any suspicious comings and goings outside of work hours. For the unfortunate chance an employee might steal from your business, this system acts as a deterrent and provides information if there is an incident.


Another Level of Protection

Safety is the number one priority. Your employees can be reassured, knowing that the company they work for has a protective security system. An access control system, paired with other security systems, will keep everyone safe.


If you are looking for an access control system, we will install one for you. Our system has an automatic building schedule for access so you can set the timeframe people can enter, if necessary. We offer a bullet-proof design that’s built to last and can be controlled via the web.


At Millennium Fire and Security, your security is our first and foremost interest. For more information on our access control system and any of our other security systems, call us at 407-890-0506.