Three Ways to Work with Adjacent Commercial Buildings to Improve Security and Safety


Proactive safety for your business and employees involves your anticipation of theft and other crimes before they happen. Any security system is beneficial for this strategy because they are prepared 24/7 for illegal occurrences. Surveillance cameras and alarms are great for proactive security because they warn of and record criminals. The presence of cameras and the sound of an alarm may ward off any mischievous activity.


While system installation is a smart first step, proactive safety and security also includes cooperation and coordination with other adjacent buildings and businesses. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we believe community connected security goes a long way. Here are three ways to work with other businesses to improve security:


Create a chatline.


Communication about security with fellow companies and buildings surrounding you provides a tightly knit safety net. You and the surrounding business owners can alert one another of any recent break-ins that have happened, what type of security systems are most necessary, and more. Staying in the loop of your commercial area keeps you in the know with regard to security and builds a circle of trust.


Install safety systems.


When all adjacent buildings install safety systems, you beef up your commercial district. When burglars are aware of more types of security, they are less likely to risk stealing from that location. When multiple forms of protection are maintained, the surrounding area becomes safeguarded.


Establish relationships.


Getting to know all the fellow businesses or building owners in the same vicinity establishes a closer business community. When you personally connect with those around you, security equipment installation becomes easier and more cooperative on everyone’s part. Without establishing relationships, it becomes difficult to have security chatlines and coordinated system installation.


Proactive security involves community and the right products. At Millennium Fire and Security, we offer security alarms, closed-circuit camera systems, and access control systems. All these choices either warn of, record, or outright stop breaking in and stealing.


To ensure that everyone gets the safety systems they need, we will work within your budget so it can be affordable. We also provide maintenance plans so your security equipment can always be operational. Our goal is to make sure our clients remain safeguarded against the threat of costly crimes. Call today at 407-890-0506 to acquire the protection you need!