Were You Burglarized During Summer Spikes in Robbery?


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., our business model is to make sure each of our valued clients obtain the security they need. As a business owner, the safety of your valuables and the lives of your employees are always the most important, which is why we are here to provide security for you. We offer everything from fire alarm systems to security alarm systems! Take a look at our selection.


Were you a victim during the summer’s higher chance of burglary? According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the summer months see a spike in robberies. If you were a victim, you may want to consider beefing up your security systems, so tragedy doesn’t happen again. Protection systems may not only prevent crimes but will also warn authorities and possibly assist in the thief being caught.


You may think, “Okay, an alarm system may sound off and alert the police, but what is a good system to keep burglars away entirely?” That is a good question! Our closed- circuit camera system (CCTV) is a good preventative measure. The presence of our surveillance cameras may make the robber think twice before breaking in. A study done by the University of North Carolina polled former perpetrators and found that 40% said the presence of cameras made them seek a different place.


If you were a victim of the summer burglary spike, then don’t hesitate to contact us. As previously said, we at Millennium Fire and Security want our customers to acquire the security they need. We use the best new technology to protect your business or commercial building while adhering to old school values by treating people as we would like to be treated. If a CCTV or security alarm system is what you’ve been considering, contact us today!


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