What Would You Do?

“The office manager arrived at the office early. He wanted to get some work done before the staff arrived.  As he approached the entry door, he noticed a broken window. He made a mental note to call a repairman. Then he noticed the door was slightly ajar.  He nudged it open and turned the lights on. That’s when he saw the employee break room in shambles. There was trash strewn across the floor and the refrigerator was open. He immediately realized that the office had been vandalized and he slowly backed out of the door while dialing 9-1-1.”


It doesn’t matter where your office is located, nor does it matter if you locked up tight the night before. Burglars will seize every opportunity to burglarize your business. Small or large, it doesn’t matter. Burglars specialize in lying and stealing. That’s what they do best. They are sneaky and will hit vulnerable targets.


They know when your business is closed, and they know when the building is empty. They also know if you have an alarm system or not. Thieves always take the path of least resistance.  How can you protect your business, yourself and your employees?


Millennium Fire & Security recommends a monitored business security system with cameras throughout the building.  There are apps for your phone that can alert you when someone has entered your business after you’ve left for the day. Having an alarm system with cameras is the best protection against sneaky thieves.


Millennium Fire & Security is ready to help you with a business security system you can trust. We have plans to fit most budgets. Our goal is to keep you and your employees safe.


Millennium Fire & Security has been keeping businesses safe for over 10 years. Call us today.