Why Your Business Needs A CCTV System

Not owning security cameras is a huge liability for your business. Many dangerous situations can arise from the lack of a security system, like:

  • Unruly Customers
  • Physical Altercations
  • Theft
  • Destruction of Property
  • Lawsuits

Surveillance helps take the guesswork out of handling these incidents by providing recorded evidence for claims against your enterprise.

Before Starting, Determine What Your Needs Are

The answer to that question is more than you may think. By law, both the NFPA and FFPC require all commercial and industrial businesses have licensed contractors to inspect their systems several times a year. Business owners who fail to adhere to these standards may be subject to a fine. Each piece of equipment, like alarms and sprinklers, has different inspection requirements.

Safety First

Image of an outdoor security camera attached to a pole.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, you should take security seriously. By leaving yourself open to danger, you’re not just risking small potential losses like missing stock; the safety of customers, employees, contractors, and delivery people rely on you owning a robust surveillance system.

It only takes one robbery for people to consider your business unsafe, harming your reputation. A lapse in safety could result in employees quitting, customers refusing to return, contractors spreading negative word of mouth to others, and delivery services refusing to serve you. By neglecting safety, you could build a bad reputation which has a domino effect in terms of damages to your business.

No business owner wants to think about a lapse in safety. However, handling troublesome events after they occur is much easier with the support of surveillance equipment. Without this kind of protection, you could be at risk of a damaged reputation or even lawsuits.

Safeguarding Yourself Against Lawsuits

Image of a wet floor sign with a man in the background clutching his knee after slipping.

The grand majority of your customers will be good people just looking for their products, but it only takes a single dishonest person to cause you a world of problems. If someone stages an accident on your property, they’ll try to hold you liable for the “injuries” they incurred. With surveillance systems in place, you’ll effectively guard yourself against anyone wishing to do you harm in exchange for quick money.

Put a Stop to Shoplifting

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 2/3 of retail businesses have reported an increase in organized retail crime since the beginning of the pandemic. A part of that crime includes theft of physical items and fraud in the form of gift cards and other scams.

CCTV acts as a deterrent to potential theft, especially if customers can see themselves being recorded. Cameras that survey the entrance, cash registers, stock, and parking lots are essential to preventing crooks from walking away with merchandise. Security guards can only oversee what’s in their line of vision, and they’re expensive, making the existence of security cameras vital to mitigating your risk.

Monitoring systems can also help to prevent an incident from escalating. A criminal caught on camera might fold when they realize they made the mistake of showing their face to your surveillance system. Cameras also provide the proof you need when the police inevitably arrive, ruining the thief’s attempt to lie their way through the situation.

Words Have Power

Image of two employees arguing with one another.

Have you ever been frustrated by two people telling different accounts of the same situation? A retail shop camera with volume is an expense that is well worth it. Audio allows you to bypass, “he said, she said” situations you may find yourself in. Hearing the conversations or arguments caught on surveillance is often the evidence you need to protect your business and people from legal implications, or in some cases, find out which of your employees are telling the truth in a dispute. Additionally, it can be a lifesaver in insurance claims.

Inside Job

Unfortunately, hiring the right people can be difficult. An employee who feels like a perfect fit can turn out to be a nightmare if they actively steal from you. These employees might take money straight from the till, or they could steal your products and resell their stolen goods online. According to industry experts and law enforcement, organized retail crime costs businesses about $30 billion each year.

Don’t Forego Your Security to Save Money

Image of several deice initially spelling out "Risk" then rolling over to spell "Reward."

In a world where costs have skyrocketed, many business owners are looking for any way to cut their expenses. While you must find ways to save money if you’re hurting, your security isn’t an option. Skipping out on CCTV systems will only open you to potential business-destroying situations. All it takes is one bad day and you could find yourself closing your doors for good.

Ultimately, security is not fat to trim off. It’s an essential part of your business!

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