With Resurgence of Coronavirus Cases, Thermal Cameras are More Important Than Ever


As the country changes with coronavirus, businesses change along with it, adapting to the hurdles and realities. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we are also adapting to the changes, ensuring safety not just from fire, burglary, and crime, but also the spread of coronavirus itself. We want to utilize thermal camera systems that pick-up fevers, spotting any possible sicknesses.


Innovative technologies and a creative mindset are critical during this COVID-19 crisis, which is why we support the thermal camera system. With the recent resurgence in cases in the state of Florida, thermal camera systems prove to be relevant and important. Thermal cameras scan body heat, which determines an individual’s temperature, pointing to a possible illness. The cameras can survey from a distance of multiple feet, ensuring they can detect more temperatures without contact—improving efficiency and respecting the dignity of those being scanned.


Orlando, Tampa, and especially Miami have seen upticks in the number of coronavirus cases. And since the greater Orlando area is where we specialize, we want to ensure thermal camera systems are at the locations where people may be most susceptible to virus transmission. Bars, amusement parks, airports, churches, large multi-business offices, and stadiums are among some of the places where these cameras would be best implemented.


While many of your livelihoods depend on reopening and continuing business, guidelines should still be held, especially with the occurrence of large amounts of new cases. One thing that can prevent viral spread during reopening and shopping are thermal cameras, so busy businesses can continue to stay open and those who are not yet open can anticipate a safe return.


Since our model is safety and security, we understand that safety now encompasses public health in regard to the coronavirus and its spread. We are prepared to do our part in establishing, maintaining, and installing innovative technology like thermal cameras that assist in finding possible cases of COVID-19.


At Millennium Fire and Security, our goal is to provide safety and security to our valued customers. In order to achieve this goal, we will work within your budget so you can get the security systems you need. We offer affordable maintenance plans that ensure your equipment is up and running. From fire safety to security alarms, we’ve got you covered in keeping your building safe. Call us at 407-890-0506.