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Access Control

      The term Access Control simply means restricting access to a building or designated area. It may include doors into…

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De-Coding Alarm Codes

Have you thought about your alarm code?  Do you have a security password?  Are you confident your passwords are strong enough?  The truth…

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Five Fire Safety Tips

Whether it’s burning candles for jack-o’-lanterns or tiki torches in your backyard, fire safety is something that should always be practiced when…

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What Would You Do?

“The office manager arrived at the office early. He wanted to get some work done before the staff arrived.  As he approached…

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Minutes Add Up

  “A large food production facility recently noticed incremental increases in their overtime costs. The overtime hours did not match production output.…

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Where’s The Beef?

“Recently, a large manufacturing company that produced and supplied meats and vegetables to a popular chain convenience store noted a large discrepancy…

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