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As a central location for all our young minds, schools need reliable security more than most. With concerns over fire, bullying, and even the rare but tragic shooting, you need systems in place to keep everyone safe. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a high-performing outlet to afford a great security system. With Millennium’s systems, you can:

• Detect smoke and stop fires from spreading with sprinklers, pull stations, and more
• Reduce physical bullying by always keeping an eye on students
• Identify perpetrators of vandalism
• Eliminate potential lawsuits by obtaining video evidence
• Safeguard students and staff
• Stop shooters in their tracks with self-locking bulletproof doors

Though guarding against the worst outcomes is something everyone should prepare for, our systems can also help you solve the more mundane problems that affect schools across the United States. Best of all, we’ll work with your school’s budget so you can enjoy security at a price you can afford.


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