Avoid Business Property Theft


You have worked hard to build your business, providing a quality product or service to your customers. Your company is the livelihood of you and your employees. Yet, your success can invite the theft of your property and cost you money and time in the progression of your business. Potential thieves may have scoped out your place and decided to rob it. Coming from the outside, they take advantage of the night or a busy time to steal from a business. Having the right security systems in place keeps burglars away or stops a robbery in progress. A camera system may hedge against any criminal actions, and an alarm will alert others and law enforcement of a break-in. Preventing a burglary is a smart preventative measure.


While most thieves come from the outside, there are cases where employees have stolen from the company where they work. These individuals take advantage of the trust they’ve been given to further their own gain. This type of property theft can feel more personal, adding another level of cost to these unfortunate situations. Whether the burglar is from the outside or the inside, it’s important to prevent business property theft. From crucial documents to your products or your money, your business’s property should be protected.


That’s why we at Millennium Fire and Security, Inc. strive to give the best security and safety for our customers. We can help you protect your business’s belongings from robbery. You don’t want you and your employees’ time and money to be snatched away while you deal with the fallout of a burglary.


Our closed circuit camera system (CCTV) and security alarm system grants a safeguard against outside burglars. The simple presence of a camera may ward off any suspicious actions. In the unfortunate incident a burglary does occur, the camera may provide valuable evidence in identifying the suspect. The security alarm system will warn authorities of the robbery and may scare off the thief. With 24/7 monitoring through our local Central Station, located in Longwood, you are protected day and night.


The chief system we provide that works as a deterrent to employee theft is the access control system. With this system, only individuals you have chosen based on your criteria can enter a certain room or building, giving you an extra layer of security. Only the employees who have specific duties in certain areas are allowed into those locations, reducing your risk by reducing the number of people who have access to your property. This system can also provide you with data should you need to research for an investigation.


Looking for a quality updated security system? We can install it for you. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we believe that safety is the number one priority. We can establish a security system within your budget, so that you can be safe. We value our customers’ time and needs. Call us at 407-890-0506 for more information.