Basics of Fire Safety in the Workplace


In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, we felt it necessary to discuss the fundamentals of fire protection and safety in business environments. Surprisingly, there are many establishments that do not have appropriate fire safety plans in place for the event of an emergency. This lapse can prove to be dangerous, even deadly, to anyone in the building.


Keep the following basic tips in mind to ensure the safety of your business and all those inside:


  1. Perform an alarm test every month.


The most damaging situation could arise from simple neglect to maintain safety equipment. The worst-case scenario is to discover that your fire detectors weren’t functioning properly during an emergency, rather than before. Be aware of how to test your fire alarms and don’t forget to perform this test once per month.


  1. Develop a safety plan and inform your employees.


Business owners are not always on the premises for the majority of normal operations, often in retail environments. Therefore, it’s important to coach employees on a practical safety plan before disaster strikes. It’s understandable that people may enter a state of panic in these situations; however, it’s much easier to maintain order when employees are aware of protocols and can guide others to safety.


  1. Never block emergency exits.


You’d be surprised to discover the simple safety procedures which are often overlooked during the work day. For example, some institutions keep their emergency exits locked, blocked, or otherwise inaccessible. Don’t take note of this violation after it’s too late. Always ensure that the path to emergency doors is kept clear of trash, furniture, and any additional objects that could hinder escapes during a fire.


These guidelines are suitable first steps in a safety plan for your business and all those involved. Following them is surely more advisable than the alternative—losing everything due to failure of taking the necessary precautions.


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