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4 Things You Need To Know When Choosing A Door Lock

July 31, 2022 By Millennium Fire and Security In Access Control, Business & Office, Construction, News, Retail & Shop, School & Education
At face value, choosing a door lock seems like a very simple thing; you want the best one you can get for the best defense.  But with so many specialized door locks out there, it’s more a matter of what you’d prefer and what you think is best for your specific situation. This article will [&hel...

Three Businesses That Are Most Vulnerable to Fires

June 22, 2022 By Millennium Fire and Security In Healthcare, News
  At Millennium Fire and Security Inc., we understand that your business is especially important to you. After all, it’s your livelihood. This reality is why we specialize in multiple layers of protection. We offer numerous security systems such as closed-circuit cameras, security alarms, and...