CCTV, The Silent Security System

CCTV Security System

CCTV Security System


If you’ve ever been to a retail shop, even just the supermarket, the chances are good that you’ve noticed a surveillance camera or two. Nowadays, many businesses are opting for a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system as a means of security. For business owners, having these cameras installed can mean the difference between running a productive operation or losing thousands of dollars to theft. But how exactly does a CCTV system work?


It deters theft and mischief.


Of the hundreds of thousands of robberies committed each year, how many do you think could have been avoided by using preventative equipment? Probably multiple. When placed in plain sight, cameras inform people that their moves are being monitored and recorded. There is less of a chance of crime if visitors to your business are being kept on their toes. You even have the option of keeping smaller cameras hidden in more discreet places, allowing you to feel a sense of personal security.


It provides evidence.


Unfortunately, employee theft remains a big problem for business owners. If you suspect that someone has stolen from you, whether an employee or a customer, cameras record everything you need to check into your suspicions. Plus, many cameras back up their footage to a server. That way, if a crime was committed on your property, you would have the evidence available for the authorities. 


It keeps records.


Let’s say you run a reputable business. A customer gets upset with an employee and begins claims of wrongdoing and unfair treatment. In situations such as these, a CCTV system can aid in arriving to the correct conclusions. Settling disputes is made simpler when the footage is available for review, and is both time-stamped and dated. 


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