Commercial Security Cameras & How To Utilize Them

You have worked too hard not to own a commercial security camera system. It takes months, even years of effort and time to build a profitable business, but unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds for a criminal to cause an accident, theft, or tragedy.

Leaving your business exposed to potential security threats is like rolling a set of dice every day. You might find yourself on a lucky roll, but one day, those dice will roll snake eyes. Are you willing to virtually guarantee an eventual disaster and risk losing everything you’ve worked for?

You need to have a safety net to protect you from the unexpected in running an organization. For example, it’s not every day that someone slips and falls in your business. But when it does happen, you need a camera to prove there was a wet floor sign and save you from a lawsuit. Whether it’s a slipping customer or a burglar breaking into your stock, you need to protect your establishment with the right surveillance equipment.



Who Benefits from Commercial Security Cameras?


The short answer is just about everyone. If your business is holding something valuable inside its four walls, you can bet there’s someone out there that wants it. Some of the establishments that need security systems to safeguard their assets include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Venues

Retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues all contain money and stock that criminals can resell. Warehouses are a potential goldmine depending on what they’re stocking. Offices have less in the way of money, but they sometimes carry servers or other sensitive data that intelligent criminals can utilize as blackmail. Schools can also carry expensive gear worth stealing, like science equipment.

Most importantly of all, you need to keep your employees, customers, or students safe. We’re unfortunately hearing more and more from our clients that disgruntled employees and customers are threatening to shoot people in their establishment. And as we’ve sadly seen from the news, schools are no exception. The people in your establishment need to be protected, and those that would do them harm must be easily identifiable.




Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras encourage employees and customers to be on their best behavior. A visibly secured business gives the strong impression that consequences will follow dishonest behavior, especially when compared to an establishment with nothing in the way of security. CCTV cameras can be installed in high-risk areas both inside and outside the building.



Inside the Perimeter

CCTV must be placed strategically inside a building. If you’re running a retail store, you want eyes on your product, the entrance, and the cash register. If you’re an office, you’ll primarily want to focus on critical points of interest like the entrance to the server room and maybe a high view of the main office.

Indoor cameras are vital for tracking the movements of thieves to create evidence of what they stole. Indoor cameras are a must-have for just about every kind of business.


Outside the Perimeter

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 9.4% of all crimes against people occur in commercial places. An additional 8.6% of crimes take place in commercial parking lots and garages. Security camera systems provide a deterrent to potential criminal activity in a variety of spaces.

Properties are less likely to be vandalized or defrauded if visitors see themselves on a video monitoring system or know they are being recorded. Isolated areas and those with heavy foot traffic are vulnerable to unexpected situations, so it’s best to shield the interior and exterior of your investment with the best commercial security cameras; you’ll be glad you did.




Quality Images

Video surveillance is more intelligent than ever. To secure the safety of your customers and employees, we recommend HD quality imaging. Only HD allows for detailed facial features and markings to identify persons responsible for criminal activity or negligence.

Commercial security systems with high-definition give law enforcement the information they need to apprehend those responsible for any damage. Superior viewing features also come in handy should you need to defend yourself in legal proceedings.



See Between Frames

In addition to high definition, you should consider a system with a high framerate, so you’re not just capturing stills with your cameras. Owning a system with 30fps (frames per second) allows you to see the smooth movement of people and objects between frames, providing a complete picture of any interactions caught on video.

When you need to make an insurance claim due to vandalism or theft, your high-definition security camera will have captured everything that took place on your property. This will validate your insurance claim and may lower your insurance premium. Your security investment will help pay for itself.




For Your Security, Choose Millennium


Remember, you can’t control everything that happens on your property, but you can actively dissuade bad people from harming you or even record their actions to defend yourself in court. For the best in commercial security cameras systems, you want Millennium Fire & Security!

Our installation experts are renowned for their polite nature and perseverance in finding the right situation for you. They’ll come to your business and determine the most strategic locations for your security cameras. For additional information, call us at (407) 974-7895 or visit our website.

Worry less about safety concerns by installing a commercial security system that fits your needs today!