Fall & Winter Security Tips

Daylight savings time has ended and we are now firmly standing in the fall season. This means longer nighttime hours and greater opportunities for break-ins and burglaries. To keep your business protected throughout the darker half of the year, try some of these fall and winter security tips.


1. Check your alarm systems frequently


You can have the most high-tech alarm system in the world but if it’s not functioning properly or the arm settings are misconfigured, you’re just doing the bad guys a favor. Regularly check your security system configurations and settings to ensure that they’re in working order.


2. Invest in a safe


Every business should have this basic amenity. That way, if you’re going out of town or something unexpected happens, all important documents, valuables, and any keys are protected. You may choose to leave access codes or keys with a trusted individual if your business requires this. Safes should be kept out of view and away from windows.


3. Lock everything


While not all thieves and criminals lurk in the shadows, some certainly do. With shorter days those shadows will be appearing sooner and sooner. Remember to check and lock all vulnerable points of entry to your business before you leave for the day including doors, windows, service entrances, gates, and garage doors.


4. Cancel or delay deliveries


If you know you’re going to be away from your business for an extended period, call your delivery or mail service provider and cancel or delay deliveries until you return. This can reduce the risk of important packages being picked off by sneaky opportunists.


5. Keep flashlights handy


The decreasing daylight can catch you off-guard, especially if you happen to be working late. Have flashlights accessible around your business and in your car during the fall and winter months.