Fire Safety for Schools


Are you starting a private school, or do you work for an institution focused on higher learning? If so, you may be in need of proper fire safety. Our professionals here at Millennium Fire & Security are here to help!


Our fire alarm system is equipped with manual pull stations, 24/7 monitoring, smoke and heat detectors, smoke evacuation system, door controls, and more. Most importantly, our systems meet NFPA state and local codes to keep your system up to date. Codes change every three years and incorporate new laws based on new technology and possibly lives that have been lost due to fire disasters. If an alarm sounds off in time to warn people of a fire, it just might save lives. A fire alarm system is the best layer of protection.


Another vital component of any school safety plan is fire extinguishers. If a fire were to break out and it is small enough to extinguish, then you’ll be able to act quickly and put it out. However, if it’s too large, don’t try to play the hero; evacuate while you still can. We also inspect fire extinguishers and can help you have the peace of mind that yours is ready to go in an instant.


And of course, urge your staff to be on the lookout for any potential fire hazards, especially paper near wiring or cooking devices.


Want to know what we offer? Call us today at 407-890-0506 for more information. We at Millennium Fire and Security want our customers to acquire the safety measures they need. We use the best new technology to protect your home or commercial building. We always work within our clients’ budgets and none of our customers get left behind.