Make Sure Your Safety Systems are Up to Date for Reopening


Safety and security matters to us all. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., our business model is to guarantee that we provide quality security services and equipment to our clients. We want our customers to be safe and feel safe, certain that they are making the right choice in installing our systems. Right now, during reopening, it may be a good idea to assess your security.


If you have already reopened, are beginning to reopen, or haven’t yet, checking on your security and fire systems is a smart precaution. Since you’ve been away from your business for a while, you’ll want to see if your systems are still up and running.


Given that the summer months are when robberies are most prevalent, installing a working security system when employees and customers are returning will safeguard against crime and keep you and your employees safe. Burglars may take advantage of the early closures, small staff numbers, and uncertain people to steal from certain businesses. It is important that you own a security system that warns of and catches such illegal behavior.


The safety and security of your business and your employees is still a consideration during the reopening process. You don’t want to fall victim to fires and burglary, with expensive property replacement and damage costs, and, most importantly, the threat to lives. Any safety system will protect.


We offer several systems that serve a crucial purpose. Our easy to use security alarm system alerts the authorities of a break-in and has 24/7 monitoring through our local station. The access control system only allows individuals with the right credentials to enter a certain room and/or building. This adds a layer of protection for areas with important resources and documents you don’t want to be stolen. Our closed-circuit camera system (CCTV) surveys the area, identifying possible suspects, warding off mischievous behavior, and giving access to real-time activity. Last but not least, our fire alarm systems are equipped with smoke detectors, manual pull stations, and more, warning others when a fire is present.


These systems, along with our affordable maintenance plans, will provide safety to your business, and make sure your systems are functioning properly. We work within our customers’ budgets so you can receive the security the need. Safety always comes first. Call Millennium Fire and Security at 407-890-0506 for more details.