Meet Your Building’s State Requirements With Bi-Directional Antenna and Distributed Antenna Systems 2

An installed fire alarm system can only function at its highest capacity when it has power and the ability to access communication channels. National Fire Protection Association Code 72 provides the latest safety provisions to meet society’s changing fire detection, signaling, and emergency communications demands. The most common threat to an alarm system is the loss of power. While a battery backup or UPS system can handle providing power to your building’s internet and alarm system in an emergency, can you trust the other local infrastructure carrying that signal between emergency personnel to be stable?


Before having an addition to the fire alarm system installed, it is important to know a few things. Start by verifying the local communication requirements. Where are repeaters located and what frequencies need to be covered? As a qualified and FCC licensed vendor, Millennium Fire & Security can perform a signal survey to check the radio signal levels inside the building. We will also measure the incoming signal levels, document them on the printed floor plans and forward them to a system design engineer. If it comes back that the signal levels are below the required minimum, then a Bi-Directional Antenna (BDA) system should be installed.


The BDA becomes part of a network inside a structure to increase radio signals within that structure. This will greatly benefit any building that would require public radio coverage during an emergency situation. Each floor will require an individually designed Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to receive a clear, uninterrupted radio signal on that floor which will then connect to other DAS with the help of the BDA to get radio signals throughout the building. By reducing the number of areas with poor signal strength, there will be improved effectiveness of communication between groups of first responders. No matter the emergency that you are dealing with, a BDA and DAS allow access to safety services that can save your business. Here at Millennium Fire & Security, we have over 20 years of experience implementing the NFPA codes and standards and offer monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance plans to meet your fire and alarm system needs. If you would like more information on our service offerings, please contact us today.