Most Effective Security Camera Placement


Having security cameras is an effective protection measure. Cameras may help authorities identify a perpetrator, determine exactly what happened, and possibly ward off any mischievous behavior. The simple action of having a security camera present may make thieves think twice before committing a crime. It doesn’t hurt to know what is going on around your building.


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer a closed circuit camera system (CCTV) to beef up your business’s security. This HD commercial quality security camera equipment is designed to last 10+ years. This technology ensures you always stay in the loop with wireless access to a live feed through the internet.


When installing a closed circuit camera system, it can become a daunting task to decide the best places to put them. You want them placed in the most effective areas so you get the biggest benefit and your system functions smoothly. First, place cameras at each exit and entrance. This placement provides more safeguarding against entering burglars. Also, this is the best spot to capture a full view of the thief.


Burglars won’t take their time during a robbery. This is why it is smart to place security cameras in high-traffic areas and important locations inside the building. The reception area offers a helpful point of surveillance. This area is usually the first section of the building people step into when entering. Customers, visitors, and employees all walk through.


The office stores important documents and other confidential or valuable materials. Because of this reality, burglars may take the liberty to steal them, which is why a security camera in a storage and/or supply room is crucial. Not only would it hedge against outside robberies, but it would also identify an internal theft.

A large presence of security cameras may cause suspicious characters to be cautious and outright prevent a robbery. Cameras, along with other systems, will provide a level of safety to keep you, your employees, and your company secure.


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